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Landscape Architecture

Decks, Patios & Pergolas

TerraSite Design designed and constructed a patio made of concrete pavers in Rapid City, SD that replaced a concrete patio that had significant settlement.  A sub-drainage pipe system was designed to capture subsurface water due to infiltration.  In addition, proper slope was applied to the pavers to eliminate ponding and a small stormwater system was constructed to capture excess site runoff.  Amenities included on this project were illuminated concrete steps, wrought iron fencing, decorative pavers, and a complementary plant palette.  This project corrected several deficiencies and provided a more open and welcoming layout.

Recreational Areas

TerraSite Design designed a preliminary plan for the Palmer Gulch Resort in Hill City, SD which was in need of expansion for guest activities.  A recreational area where guests can swim, have deck parties, and play games was designed to fulfill guests' needs for relaxation when on vacation.  This project required different layers of landscape architectural design because of the hills that surround the resort.  The recreational area needed to meet ADA compliance and maintain appropriate access to the all of the amenities.  The hills that surround the Palmer Gulch Resort required special attention when designing walkways and plant locations.  This project required complex grading to complement the amenities while blending with the hilly terrain.  Stormwater control was also necessary for this project to prevent excess water from flowing into the pool area or blocking walkways.  This project is a prime example of the creativity that our company provides.

Stunning Landscapes

Project 1 shown on the right was located at the Campbell County Memorial Hospital project in Gillette, WY.  The existing site contained steep slopes that were barren and unsightly.  Our team transformed this site into a multi-tiered stunning vista.  The site design included stormwater, segmented retaining walls, pedestrian routes, ADA accessibility, lighting, landscape, irrigation, site detailing, and amenities.  Project 2 was a similar project, only the residential home did not require as many provisions other than maintaining the ability to perform yard maintenance.  Not only does the TerraSite Team beautify hospitals and residential areas, we enjoy perfecting cemeteries and downtown plazas.

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