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Cemetery Experience

TerraSite Design is knowledgeable of the design of cemeteries, their operations, and the evolving cemetery design trends. The team has the capability of helping clients with appropriate permitting for all aspects of a cemetery.

NCA Cemetery Experience

TerraSite Design's staff has completed over 15 NCA projects on cemeteries. We take pride in our efforts to provide our veterans a beautiful environment for their eternal resting place.  TerraSite Design is knowledgeable about NCA standards and the Veterans Cemetery Grants Program (VCGP) which provides grant funding for state and tribal cemeteries.

Cemetery Features

Site grading, roadways, utilities, stormwater facilities, and under drain systems provide the base for our designs. Additionally, committal shelters, administration buildings, maintenance buildings, flag assembly areas, columbaria, crypt fields, memorial walls, memorial walking paths, ornamental fences and gates, wayfinding, plantings, and site furnishings are added for functionality and aesthetics.

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