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Civil Engineering

Roadway & Storm Water

TerraSite Design completed a stormwater drainage plan for the Gracelawn Cemetery in Edmond, OK.  The stormwater pipe system was designed to allow for appropriate water flow and the placement of the curb inlets would allow excess runoff to flow from one inlet to the next without flooding the roads.  A stormwater detention pond was designed to increase water quality and attenuate the design storms. 

Parking Lot Designs

The team has many years of experience with designing new parking lots and redesigning existing parking lots. TerraSite Design regraded and rearranged parking lots to better serve clients and users. Storm water drainage issues are always a top priority in the design of a parking lot in any scenario.

Retaining Walls

TerraSite Design determines locations, wall heights, and grades of retaining walls. Tiered and single retaining walls adds interest with different grade levels. We have done multiple projects, including residential and commercial lots. The Campbell County Memorial Hospital in Gillette, WY was a project that utilized retaining walls to make a hill side not as steep while providing space for beautification of the landscape. 

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