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Our Story

We are a progressive, fundamental-based design company with a desire of bringing value to our clients.   TerraSite Design is a cohesive partnering of a Landscape Architect and a Civil Engineer formed in 2018 to solidify years of completing successful projects as a result of our experience and abilities.

Our primary focus at TerraSite Design is site planning and design (as implied by the company’s name).   The cooperative efforts between Civil Engineering and Landscape Architecture bring comprehensive efficiency to this focus.  Our team brings open communication as well as fluid solutions to site planning.  We support the solutions with solid, verifiable analysis and align beautifully with diverse requirements.  Having spent two decades working in multidisciplinary organizations, our team knows how to work and collaborate with Owners, Planners, Architects, Developers, Engineers and Reviewers, and the various decision-making bodies we align with.

We are designers and scientists as well as engineers and architects; always striving to maximize performance.  Our focus on sustainability epitomizes this performance goal through enhancing the human experience while remaining context sensitive to ecology and the urban environment.  We are versed in doing work in rural, remote settings as well as busy downtown areas.  We are plant experts; knowledgeable of native, naturally cultivated, adaptive, ad biome/regional materials.  Our work on past projects has required alignment with due diligence and we excel at melding design solutions with jurisdictional, regional and national requirements.

The name of our Company and our Logo were both created to reflect our livelihood and our passion.  The name TerraSite was a melding of the Greek word Terra, meaning earth, and site, meaning "ground on which a building or monument is to be constructed."  All our work is accomplished by utilizing the natural resources that our Earth provides: soils, water, air and vegetation.  Our logo represents these natural resources in a cross section of our Earth biome.

As both Landscape Architects and Civil Engineers, our goal is to enhance our outside living environments and their functionality starting with the basic staple of our Earth, the soils.  We utilize the soils of our Earth to mold our sites, feed our plants and trees, and support our communities.

Another goal we have is to better manage our water resources for recreation, irrigation, food production, vegetation, beautification, and potable water supplies.  Our company also strives to reduce, slow, and infiltrate runoff to mimic the natural hydrologic cycle whenever possible and develop sustainable stormwater solutions that are an integral part of the user experience that connects humans to nature.  The common thread that our founders share in this unique union of Civil Engineering and Landscape Architecture is Low-Impact Development (LID) design practices.  There are many different types of LID practices and sustainable stormwater solutions that can help meet the various needs of each individual site design.  For example, green roofs are an excellent option for managing stormwater runoff while providing much needed green space to our built environments.  They also provide numerous benefits to the building envelope.  Green roofs are only one of many design options that we specialize in.


We are thinkers, visionaries, and artists.  Our palettes include the built environments and the natural environments.  Protecting our natural resources while creating tranquility in our built environment is essential to our company and future generations to come.

Our Values

  • INTEGRATIVE DESIGN: We design being mindful of surroundings and the environment. 

  • PROGRESSIVE CONCEPTS: We strive to use new and innovative solutions.

  • COLLABORATIVE PROCESSES: We build relationships with our customers.

  • RESPONSIVE COMMUNICATION: We respond in a timely manner to keep projects progressing.

  • STRENGTH OF TEAMWORK: We collaborate between disciplines for more efficiency.

  • WORKING WITH INTEGRITY: We are open with clients on the challenges and limitations to the site.







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