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TerrraSite has successfully completed the design and bidding of the Philip School Stairs for the Haakon School District 27-1. TerraSite’s Opinion of Probable Cost was within 1% of the low bid which is outstanding! Typically most firms attempt to be within -5% and +10% or less, but that is very difficult in the current bidding climate due to staff shortages, supply chain issues and extreme workloads in our region of the country.

TerraSite will be performing construction administration this summer after school is let out. Shane Matt is the Project Manager for TerraSite. Philip School is Shane’s alma mater and these stairs were involved in many memories of Shane’s childhood along with many of the Philip School Alumni while they walked to or from school to the lower part of town. These stairs are believed to be built in the 1930s and lasted more than 85 years! This project included a concrete stairway that avoids existing utility conflicts, minimizes construction and meets current building codes including handrails. Almost every TerraSite employee was involved in some aspect of this project. We will post pictures when the project is completed.

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