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The Professionals with extensive insight for your Site

The professionals at TerraSite Design have been creating stunning, inspiring, sustainable designs since 1998.  We have completed a wide variety of projects while specializing in downtown plazas, federal projects, park areas, cemeteries, and employment of Low-Impact Development for stormwater.  Our 20-plus-years of experience allows TerraSite Design to provide high quality designs to our clients that follow local, state and federal regulations.  For additional information, feel free to contact us.



Our Specialties

American War Cemetery


TerraSite Design has extensive experience master planning and designing cemeteries.

Outdoor Lighting.webp


We specialize in high-quality outdoor lighting systems for your home, providing both design and installation. Simply by adding a few accent lights, pathlights, or uplights, you can take the look of your home to the next level.

rain garden.jpg

Low-Impact Development

Our professionals have a passion for low-impact development (LID) practices which emulate natural filtering and infiltration processes.  These may include porous landscape detention, green roofs, rain gardens, sand filters, etc.

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